How do commodity prices affect potential royalties?
Royalties are directly impacted by commodity prices. They are paid from the proceeds that an operator is able to sell the commodity for at market. Higher commodity prices mean higher returns, while lower commodity prices mean lower returns.

Are there tax advantages to selling my mineral rights and royalties?
Yes, the profit from the sale of minerals is taxed as capital gains. On the other hand, if a mineral owner were to receive any bonuses or royalties, it would be taxed as ordinary income. 

Do you buy leased or unleased mineral rights and royalties?

Both. We make offers on minerals rights and royalties that are currently leased or unleased.

Do you buy mineral rights and royalties that are apart of either an old or new well?
Yes, we make offers on mineral interests that are held by production from an older well or are currently apart of a newer well.

Can I sell a partial or fractional interest?

Yes, we encourage mineral owners to consider what the right option would be for their specific situation. If a fractional interest is sold, we would own an "undivided interest" alongside the mineral owner.

How can I receive an offer?

Contact us or fill out the request form. Once we receive your information, we can determine an offer within a matter of day or so, depending on the specific mineral interest. Our goal is to make it as straight forward as possible.

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